Gaunt Cheeks


Because some people are born with very little volume in their features, gaunt cheeks can impact them from a young age. Others may have hollow or sunken cheeks as a result of lifestyle choices including dieting, heavy smoking, or excessive exercise, all of which cause a loss of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin’s surface.

The loss of collagen in our skin as we age, which helps to maintain our cheeks full, plump, and supple, is another major cause of this problem.

Any loss of roundness and soft suppleness in the cheek area, especially in women, can result in an unpleasant hardness and a loss of femininity in the face. It can also make the individual appear ill in more severe situations; thus, treatment advice is frequently sought.

The great news is a gaunt or thin face is simple to fix, and our professional practitioners consider it to be one of the most rewarding treatments we offer owing to the consistently excellent outcomes we can obtain.

Our most popular treatment option is dermal fillers which allow us to add or restore volume and plumpness to the mid-face and cheeks. Treatments can be staggered to create a gentle, natural-looking transition from hollow cheeks to fuller cheeks. Hyaluronic acid is also included in the treatment formulation, which helps to replenish moisture in the skin and restore a healthy glow.

To book a no-obligation consultation with one of our highly experienced clinicians and find out how we can help combat gaunt cheeks, contact Beauty Aesthetics today.

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