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Jawline Enhancement is a terrific solution to give your jaw more strength and character, especially if it’s naturally weak.

Dermal fillers are utilised to fill out the area effectively contouring and reshaping the jaw during a jawline enhancing treatment. Some people are concerned not just because their jawline appears weak, but also because it appears imbalanced. Dermal filler injections can be used to enhance and level out the face structure, resulting in a more aesthetically attractive appearance with very high customer satisfaction rates.

Dermal fillers smooth the creases and add volume to the skin, reducing the heaviness around the jaw and giving the area a more youthful appearance.

With a very small needle and a device called a cannula, dermal fillers are applied at appropriate locations around the jaw. The smooth gel is applied to the face’s natural structure, providing strength and volume to areas where definition appears to be lacking.

Because Jawline fillers are injected into the jawline in a series of tiny injections, some people may experience slight discomfort, as with any injection or a prick to the skin. If you are concerned about the sensation in your jaw, we can apply a numbing cream to help.

Beauty Aesthetics will analyse the jawline structure and discuss the benefits of injecting dermal fillers around this area of the face during your appointment. This treatment can give you the rejuvenated and rebalanced look you want, whether you want to contour the jawline, decrease the appearance of a double chin, or eliminate jowls and sagging skin.

Treatment time: 60 minutes

Duration: 9 -12months

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